Last month we requested your feedback via the shop survey. We received a ton of wonderful and constructive feedback.

While we’re still digging through and reading the surveys, one theme that came out is your desire for more Open Shop to fit the traditional 9-5 work schedule.

So, without further ado, we’d like to announce that (almost) every hour that the shop is open, is now also Open Shop.

Mondays from 1:30-4:00 pm will not include Open Shop as this time is use for staff meetings and development.

What is Open Shop?

Open Shop is a time for you to add to and enhance your group class experience.

The foundation and design of our program at Roots has always been GPP and coaching. We know, through years of experience and anecdotal evidence, that athletes progress the fastest and get the best results by training in a coached environment – and doing constantly varied programming (including the shit you (we) suck at).

Our intent in offering Open Shop hours is to give you time to get in additional practice, make up a workout, or complete add-on competitor programming after the group class. It also gives you the option to hang out at the gym from 5:30am-7pm every day – and that’s pretty cool!

Our hope is that Open Shop is not used as a method to cherry-pick workouts, avoid the stuff we’re not good at, and shy away from intensity. If you find yourself seeing the workout and saying to yourself, “Maybe I’ll just do Open Shop instead” – talk to us.

Enhance Your Work

Open Shop is a time for you to add to and enhance your group class experience. Whether you want to get your first pull-up, squat heavier, or develop capacity in a skill we see in The Open – Open Shop is the place to be. If you have the time and dedication, but you don’t have the plan, talk to Nicole and she’ll walk you through a few options.

Who Can Use Open Shop Time?

Open Shop is available on both the Limited and Unlimited membership options.  On the limited membership, an Open Shop visit will count as one class visit per week.

How Can I Be a Good Open-Shopper?

Just like a group class, please signup in advance for Open Shop and check yourself in at the front desk upon arrival. If you forgot to signup, you must notify a coach so they can add you.

Open Shop hours can overlap with 1-3 group classes that are going on simultaneously during these times. Group classes (including specialty classes, closed programs, and kids/teens classes) will always take priority for gym space and equipment.

If you’re not sure if there is space to do something, please be sure to ask a coach in advance of starting your work.