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Five Minutes


Five Minutes

Back squat 5-5-5-5-5
If you have already tested your back squat for Paleo 2.0, we will change your lift.
Come lift heavy shit!

Gator and TYD during the muscle-up/run/clean workout last week. Scaling your muscle-ups to maintain intensity in a workout like that one was a big no ego move! Nice job.

Five Minutes

I often convince myself that small efforts toward learning a new skill, completing a goal, or checking off a task are not worth it. If I can’t commit 30 minutes or more, then it doesn’t to register on my “worthwhile” scale – all or nothing.  Take, for example, my initial approach to foam rolling.  It sounded like a good idea but there was “just no time” because I thought only in :30 minute increments.

What would five minutes of foam rolling really do for a person?  How about a minute on each IT band, a minute on each glute, and a minute on your back.  If you  add up those five minute efforts over the course of a week you get 7:00 minutes on each IT band and 35:00 minutes of foam rolling.  Superb!

Obviously this concept can be applied to many things we do in life but specifically in the foam rolling and lacrosse ball world – you’ve got plenty of time for five minutes of maintenance and the payoffs are HUGE!