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Finding Inches


Finding Inches

For Time:
185 pound barbell, Shoulder to overhead, 20 reps
40 Burpees

Partition as needed, any order.

Give your strategy a quick thought for this one.  You can break up the reps however you choose.  Example: 5 shoulder to overhead/10 burpees for 4 rounds.  Remember, every time you put down the barbell, you have to clean it back up to your shoulder.

Martin pulled off this box jump even though he landed mostly on one foot!

Box Jump PRs

One of the most foreign moves to many people when they start CrossFit is the box jump.  Many people find this exercise intimidating and they look at the coaches with a “You want me to jump on that?!” look in their eyes.

Where did you start with box (or plate) jumps and what can you jump on now??  Post to comments.

4 Responses

  1. Karen

    I started out with two plates on the floor, and I recently surprised myself when I was able to jump on top of the tallest box with two plates stacked on top of it.

  2. Molly Molter

    I started with the 16″ box, and now I can jump to about half my height (31″). The mental aspect is definately the limiting factor!

  3. Blakely

    I started at two plates too! In fact, I think there is an incriminating picture of it in the archives. Seems completely foreign to me that I used to not be able to jump higher than two plates. This is why I love Crossfit! We were playing on Pearl Street a few weeks ago, and Scott and I kept jumping on top of all of the ledges – which were at least two feet!