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Oly Meet Recap


Oly Meet Recap

Five rounds for time of:
15 Knees to elbows
15 Hip extensions
Handstand walk 15 meters
15 Box jumps, 24″ box

Congrats to all the Roots members who competed in their first Olympic Weightlifting Meet. See below for Ryan's meet recap!

Olympic Weightlifting Meet Wrap-up

From Ryan…

Thanks to everyone who came to the Roots summer weightlifting meet on Saturday! It was a smashing success and Roots’ best lifting meet to date. Everything ran smoothly and heavy weights were attacked fearlessly! Many personal records were smashed and Roots lifters represented the shop with beautiful snatches and clean and jerks. Everyone had fun and it was a very positive experience for most.

I’m really proud of everyone who competed and gave their best on the platform. I also appreciate all of the spectators who came out to cheer people on. Finally, thanks to our great team of volunteers without whom none of this would be possible! What a great community we have at Roots!

Notable performances include:

Denham – the youngest lifter in the meet overcoming nerves and smashing her heaviest attempts like a seasoned veteran!

Hank – Placing third and looking strong in the process!

Ben B. – Awesome lifting and a pr 185 c&j

Scott G. – Pr 160 in the snatch

Jasmine – very strong pr 117.5 c&j

Amy Fallon – awesome 125 c&j with very little sleep!

Blaine – power cleaned 275

Kaitlin Ryan- snatched 100

Nicole – very strong 170 clean

Walker – nice 180 snatch

Thanks again to everyone involved and I’ll see you on the platform!

Be sure to check out the Roots Flickr page for LOTS of meet pictures.  Thanks Emily!


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  1. Nathan

    Hi, Does anyone want to play coed outdoor soccer this fall? The season starts Aug. 26th. and most games are on Sundays. We mainly need girls and goal keepers but might need a few guys too. Let me know! Thanks, Nathan ([email protected]).