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Processed Food Blows Challenge Results!


Processed Food Blows Challenge Results!

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Front squat

Athlete builds to a heavy single for the day over the course of five reps.  Then backs the weight down to 70% of heaviest single.  Begin building through 4 sets of 3 at 70%.  Back weight down to 50% of heaviest single for last 2 sets of 5.

Does this look familiar? Check your log books and attempt to go heavier than last time!

Processed Food Blows Challenge Results!

In the team category, the trio of Alyssa, Blaine, and Brad took first place in the 12-team competition that began 6 weeks ago.  CONGRATULATIONS to our overall winning team.  They are each taking home a free month of membership, a $100 giftcard to Whole Foods, and a $50 giftcard to lululemon!  
2nd place: Nitrate Ninjas (Jen, Linsday, Amy)
3rd place: Crack of Dawn (Dre, Karen, Janet)

Brad Rogers took first place overall amongst all the individuals in the challenge.  Brad’s numbers were impressive.  Ask him about his experience next time you see him at the shop.  Cami and Dre are taking home a $50 giftcard to lululemon.
2nd place: Cami 
3rd place: Dre

PICTURES AND PRIZES: Before and after pictures as well as prizes can be picked up at the shop beginning today.

1. 144.7 – combined pounds of fat lost in the six weeks by the 36 individuals in the challenge
2. 18 – number of individuals who were below 20% body fat by the end of the challenge
3. 20.7 – average bodyfat percentage of all  participants before the challenge
4. 18.75 – average bodyfat percentage of all participants after the challenge 

In the numbers, Battle Carb & Lactica:
– combined, the team lost SEVEN inches from their waists
– of the measurements taken before and after (2 for men, 3 for women) the team lost TEN inches
– the team lost 26.4 pounds of body fat over the 6 weeks
– they dropped 9% bodyfat! 

Congratulations to everyone who participated!  What part of the challenge stood out most to you?  Post to comments.


2 Responses

  1. lynn

    post-challenge insights:
    1. how i use ETOH as anti-anxiety to unwind post work
    2. i’m not an emotional eater
    3. spending one afternoon on the weekend preparing food was one of my bigger challenges
    4. i am a cook
    5. food and mood connection
    6. more energy in WODs
    7. it is possible to go to happy hour and have ONLY sparkling water w/ a strawberry
    8. i’m not someone who likes to go out to eat and ask the waitstaff multiple questions about food

  2. Brad Rogers

    my paleo good – realizing during the first week that I would succeed. Ultimately lost 18 lbs.
    my paleo bad – trying to make olive oil mayo for tuna salad. After 40 minutes of shoulder burning whisking, the mayo separated.
    my paleo ugly – puking after 100 burpee pullups (blurpp)