Pre-order your Yellowbelly for this Thursday’s CCS WOD, Horton.

Weighted Strict Pull-ups
Max Unbroken Kipping Pull-ups in 1 set
4 weeks ago today we instated a rule that allowed strict pull-ups only during WODs that were not part of our yearly benchmark series. The idea was that a re-focus on the strict movement pattern would allow us to develop better movement patterns and build more strength through the entire range of motion.
Today we retest the same WOD that we did 4 weeks ago at the introduction of the strict-only policy. If you came to class that day (7/18) you did this workout and should have a result. Look it up and come prepared today to crush it. It doesn’t matter if you used bands last time or if you “only did BW”. Look up your result and if you beat it today by even 1lb, it’s a PR and it’s what we call progress.
During the past 4 weeks we continued to work on our technique in the kip during warmups. It’s our hope, that through the focus on technique of your kip and your new and improved strength through strict pull-ups that your ability to do kipping pull-ups will have increased as well, thus the retest of 1 max set of unbroken kipping pull-ups afterwards.
Post your improvements to comments!