The last four weeks of the 2020 Fall Nutrition Effort addressed the elimination of processed and inflammatory foods and taught athletes how to eat protein to fuel lean body mass. With 14 possible points to earn each day, 4 points were given for eating 800g+ of fruits and vegetables, 2 for attending workout at Roots, 4 for meeting daily protein requirements, and 4 for consuming real, unprocessed foods.

Emily Craig finished Phase 2 of the Fall Nutrition Effort with a total of 374 points.

Why did you choose to participate in the 2020 Fall Nutrition Effort?

With 2020 being how it’s been, my nutrition had definitely taken a hit. I thought the accountability of the nutrition challenge would be a great encouragement in the quality and consistency of my diet, which I definitely wanted. And it was free, so why not?”

What was your biggest challenge?

Definitely cutting out processed food. I love making and eating baked goods, and they’re tied into my holiday traditions, so that was tough over Thanksgiving especially.

What part of the 2020 Fall Nutrition Effort was easy for you?

No alcohol. I almost never drink anyhow.

Did you do an Inbody scan? If not, did you notice any changes in your body?

I didn’t do an Inbody scan. But I did notice that I was getting stronger in the gym, my digestive system was happier, and I was craving sweets less.

What kept you motivated throughout the challenge?

The accountability of recording scores every day, mostly, and feeling good from eating well was extra encouragement to keep going. I also had a friend take all of my baking supplies away from me for phase 2, so the temptation wasn’t there 🙂

What did you learn from this challenge? 

I learned that i’s a lot easier for me to completely cut sweets out of my life than it is to consume them in moderation. I was mostly eating the same fruits and veggies every day, so I’m trying to continue mixing that up going forward, too.