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Registration for the 2014 CrossFit Open Starts TODAY!


Registration for the 2014 CrossFit Open Starts TODAY!


The Open is about having fun, testing your personal fitness level, and having something to compare against for next year.  Sign up!

The Open is about having fun, testing your personal fitness level, and having something to compare against for next year. Sign up!

Registration for the 2014 CrossFit Open Starts TODAY!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

The CrossFit Games are to CrossFit what the SuperBowl is to football. To get there, you must get through Regionals; and even before that, you must get through the Open. The Open is the most inclusive competition in the world.

It consists of a series of workouts, released one at a time, that have to be completed within a given time, usually one week. The results are submitted to CrossFit HQ which tabulates and posts the results of the thousands of athletes competing.

Open registration begins TOMORROW via the CrossFit Games website.  Last year the Open saw 138,000 registrations! AND last year CrossFit Roots had the largest affiliate participation level in the Southwest Region!

So, why should you compete? BECAUSE IT’S FUN! Roots will be doing each weekly WOD as part of our weekly programming anyway AND you could help qualify a Roots team! For each WOD, HQ will take the top-3 men’s and women’s scores from each affiliate and those totals will go towards an overall team total.

Our goal is to score in the top 30 to send a Roots team to Regionals!

And don’t think that you have to be a fire-breather to participate. This is an INCLUSIVE event and there are options for everyone. Typically, they don’t throwout WODs with tons of heavy and/or high skill movements in the early rounds. Two years ago the first WOD was 7 minutes of burpees. See what I mean?

In the coming days we’ll talk more about why you should participate and even let you hear stories of doubtfuls in years past who ended up having a blast. You’d pay more than that to participate in a marathon with no intention of winning, so why not?!

Are you doing the Open?  Post to comments.

8 Responses

  1. Walker

    Yep! Cant wait! Everyone should do it, more participation will make our Open workout ThrowDowns way more fun!

  2. Megan

    Last year, Open WOD #3 started with a 95# (women) clean-and-jerk. I couldn’t even get one, and therefore didn’t get to submit a score at all 🙁 Probably won’t be registering for the open this year because of that, but will definitely be attempting the WODs!

    1. Gina

      I was fresh off of foundations for last year’s open and was also unable to compete in 13.4 because of the 95# C&J’s. I was bummed at the time that I wasn’t strong enough to do the workout, but I never regretted signing up for the open. Quite honestly, the open throwdowns were some of favorite CF workouts to date. The entire atmosphere, camaraderie, and energy that surround the open workouts make them so much fun! I can’t wait to do it all again this year!

      1. Emily Moore

        I had a similar experience…couldn’t do the 95# clean and jerk, but had a great time in all the other Open workouts. Also, i really enjoyed being a judge, i’m totally doing that again this year.

      2. Megan

        The open throwdowns were so fun! I love the atmosphere and camaraderie, and I will totally do the open WODs again this year! I probably won’t be paying the $20 to officially register though, since I don’t know if I’ll really be able to do all of the WODs and enter a score. I know that I’d pay more than theat to participate in a marathon with no intention of winning. But for the marathon, at least I’d be running it and competing instead of staring at a bar i cant lift. I get that it’s worth it for some people, but not for me I guess.

  3. Maggie F

    Absolutely! There’s something about the Open throwdowns that is just plain inspiring. In that infamous (to us relative newbies!) 13.4 I recorded a score of ONE. That one 95# clean and jerk was a 25# PR for me and it never would have happened had it not been for Sylvia judging me, Nicole & Shane giving me tips as the workout progressed and they saw attempt after attempt fail, and the little crowd of cheerleaders that had formed. I *may* have gotten a tear in my eye after that one. Of course, the next week I got my ass handed to me!! I would encourage anyone and everyone to give the Open a shot because you never know what magic might happen!!

  4. Dizon

    I’m in!! If you are on the fence, just sign up. At minimum you will workout in a exciting environment packed with your friends, cheers and high fives all around. You might even surprise yourself and do better than you expected… all while having fun 🙂