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Roots Fall Olympic Weightlifting Meet Recap and Results


Roots Fall Olympic Weightlifting Meet Recap and Results

Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Snatch


Gigas Cleans!

Gigas Cleans!

Roots Fall Olympic Weightlifting Meet Recap and Results

The Fall Roots Oly Meet is in the books and it was a huge success!

Almost 50 weightlifters and volunteers helped make Saturday’s meet the best yet! 

Here are highlights for the Roots crew of athletes:

Alex Gigas had a great first meet with two PR lifts and hit 145 snatch/170 clean and jerk

Adam Urness had a solid day with 135/175.

Aaron Reynolds had a great day and lifted 135/175.

Josh Meier went 135/190 and looked strong in his first meet!

Sam Gaard lifted 165/205 and seems to get stronger by the day.

Scott Graham hit a PR snatch and lifted 170/205 for a new record total!

Rachel Gabor shined in her first meet lifting 65/100 and making them look easy!

Margaret Graham went 85/120 and looked great.

Emily Moore also in her first meet lifted 65/80.

Katie Walkden fresh off of a bronze medal at the American Masters lifted 70/95.

Nicole Speer crushed 95/110 and has much more in the tank.

Gretchen Rech went 105/145 and looked very strong in her first meet!

Bethany Strothman had a solid day going 80/120 in her first meet.

Kim Urness had a huge clean & jerk PR and went 65/130.

Megan Isherwood had a very strong first meet going 110/145.

Roots’ own Ali Minton lifted beautifully and hit an awesome 130/155 to take second overall in the meet.

All in all the competition was tight and Roots athletes made a very strong showing making big lifts and demonstrating great technique.

A big thanks to all of the volunteers who made this meet run smoothly and professionally. You all did a fantastic job!

Finally, thank you to the area athletes who came and competed from affiliates all around town. There were some fantastic lifters who helped make this meet a success!

Stay tuned for the 2014 weightlifting meet series at Roots. It will be bigger and better and showcase some of the best lifters from Roots and the Denver metro area and beyond!

See you on the platform!

2 Responses

  1. swg71

    It was an excellent meet! Congrats to Ryan & Linsdey for putting on such a good event and getting the meets to run smoother and smoother each time. Thanks for all the work you guys did and I look forward to the next meet!

  2. Rachel

    Thanks, Ryan! The meet was a ton of fun and having a PR bell to ring when I finally hit 100 on my clean and jerk made it extra exciting.