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Roots on Flickr


Roots on Flickr

“50 in the Clip”
50 burpee clean & jerk (65/95)
or, 30 burpee clean & jerks (95/135)

We’re Transferring to Flickr!

Hey Roots Crew.  We’re transferring all of our pics to Flickr.  We’ve already got some of the pics up and running and will continue to upload more this week.  The pictures are also accessible through our Facebook page on the Flickr app.  Check it out!

Our Flickr page address is –

We also created a Flickr group called CrossFit Roots so that you can upload your Roots pics to the site as well!  The group address is here:[email protected]/

And finally! – checkout the widget in the lefthand column that Eric put together.  The widget will flip through recently uploaded pictures.

9 Responses

  1. Grandpa Mojo

    Oh my god… I’m a sicko – but I love the look of this workout! – Never done it before. – Can’t wait to do it tomorrow!

  2. Gator

    You gotta see the demo in person…don’t miss this one today guys!!! Zac live is way better!!! classic xfit wod. and the mind games post from yesterday…. spot on for today!!!

    Nice job today Tracy E…Been missing you and that belly girl!!! solid job.

  3. Tracy Emmanuel

    WOW – super fun workout today – completely made my day! solid work all around – amazingly strong and inspiring women and of course the inspirational, Sid, as the token male in the class! 🙂
    Thanks Zac for a fantastic class!

  4. Molly Molter

    Tracy and Gator, did you guys opt for the 50 reps at lighter weight or 30 reps at heavier? I’m thinking 30 and heavier because I don’t want to do 50 push ups! This one looks fun, going at 5pm.

  5. Tracy Emmanuel

    Molly – we did the 50 rep version (Gator Rx’d, i believe, and with the most beautiful pushups) – but Lauren rocked it Rx’d for 30 reps – total badass! 😉