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4 rounds for time:
300m row
30 double unders
15 burpees

No bologna here.

The Rocky Mountain Sectionals are ONE week away.

CrossFit Roots is taking 9 athletes to the games.  Rumor has it that they will be rested, ready, and sparkled to compete.  We also have a number of Roots athletes who are volunteering at the event.  Thank you!  We know that our friends over at CrossFit Verve, who are hosting the event, thank you for your help.

The Roots Team has worked hard over the past few months pulling double and triple sessions to prepare for the games.  Meet the Roots athletes competing at the Sectionals:
Molly Molter
Emily Molter
Olivia Woodruff
Tracy Emmanuel
Stephanie Baltz
James Dunbar
Lawrence Rangel
Chad Schroeder

Who is planning to come cheer on the crew?  Get your Spectator ticket here!

5 Responses

  1. Nisha

    Molly, I’ll get my ticket from you this week! I’ll be there on Saturday for sure and hopefully Sunday too! You go Roots Crew!

  2. Molly


    I haven’t gotten a spectator ticket yet. I need to find out where/when I get it. It may be that you just pick it up at the event. I’ll try to find out and let you know!

  3. Molly

    Hey Nisha,

    I got everything squared away. You are registered as my guest. So you’ll just need to go to the check in table when you arrive to check in as my guest. There is no actual ticket for you. Thanks for coming!

  4. Karl E.

    I’ll be going to watch, possibly laugh, and definitely be amazed at how much weight folks are lifting overhead.