Shane Update: Shane turned in another good day in the ICU. He began physical therapy and was able to recall many things in his life, including where he works!:)

Four rounds for time:
Run 400m 
21 slamball
15 push-ups
9 toes-to-bar

Stop by the shop today and tomorrow to sign the Roots hospital gown. We'll take it to Shane this week.

Stop by the shop today and tomorrow to sign the Roots hospital gown. We’ll take it to Shane this week.

Shane: How You Can Help.

As many of you know, on Thursday, August 6th, Shane was involved in a hit-and-run accident on his motorcycle. He remains in stable condition in the ICU at this time. 

The support from the Roots community has been nothing short of inspiring and uplifting. The emails, calls, and texts to the shop and comments on the blog from athletes asking how they can help reminds me that the athletes that make up the Roots community are truly special and wonderful.

There are a number of ways you can help and reach out:

1. Donate to the GoFundMe site.
A GoFundMe site was set-up for Shane by Ari’s mother. At the time of the accident Shane had both motorcycle and health insurance which will help cover much of his hospital stay; however, the length of his recovery will involve care, rehabilitation, and financial support long past when he leaves the hospital. Thank you for your donation. 
2. Drop-off a Card at the Shop
Shane is not accepting visitors at the hospital at this time, but we know he would love to hear from you! If you would like to get a card to him, please drop it off at the shop and we will deliver them to him and his family so they can open them at their leisure. 

3. Sign the Gown
Stop by the shop today or Tuesday and sign the Roots-inspired hospital gown pictured above.

4. Meals
Many of you have asked about providing meals and believe us, we know that when Shane is eating again that hospital food will be last on his list of cravings! There will absolutely come a time for this and we will set-up a sign-up system online. Stay tuned for that!

Thank you for all of the support. We will continue to keep everyone updated on Shane’s recovery via the top of the blog post each day.