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Shane's Top 4 Reasons for Competing in the Open.


Shane's Top 4 Reasons for Competing in the Open.

7 rounds:
1 power snatch + 3 overhead squats
Rest 60 seconds


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Shane’s Top 4 Reasons for Competing in the Open.

Now that you know what the CrossFit Open is, lets talk about why you should compete.  Many athletes feel like they’re not good enough to compete in the Open, BUT today we hope to dispel that myth that you have to be a firebreather, competitive, or even able to do a muscle-up to get something out of the Open.

When we consider what the Open is (see Here Comes the Open from last week ), it should become evident that athletes aren’t doing anything than a typical day at Roots; come in, push yourself to the max, and end up in a puddle of your own sweat along all of your Roots friends.  Some may read that and say, “well if I’m already doing that, why should I register for the Open?”… Here are Shane’s top 4 reasons:

 1.)  Commitment.  By registering for the Open you are committing to coming in each week on the same day to perform whatever workout is on the whiteboard.  This eliminates cherry-picking and will most likely take you out of your comfort zone. We already know this only makes you stronger both physically and mentally.

 2.) Fun.  Similar to the Thursday Night Throwdown Series this past summer, the events will be FUN.  Your friends and fellow athletes will be there to cheer you on and help push you to limits that you didn’t even know existed.

 3.) Breakdown Barriers.  The nature of the atmosphere surrounding a CrossFit event is like nothing you can experience in a normal group class.  Your coaches will also push you to try things you previously didn’t think you could do (like Rx).  Many athletes learned last year that once the training wheels came off, they still did great and lived to tell everyone about it!  The Open is a great place to see what you are truly capable of.

4.) Qualify a Roots Team.  Your score could help us qualify a team for Regionals.  Each week the top-3 women and men scores for that workout are added to a team total for Roots that could help us qualify a team for the next step towards the Games, Regionals.  You may doubt you could help, but what if a workout came up that played to all your strengths??  It wouldn’t be unheard of in the land of the constantly varied.

Stay tuned each Monday to learn more about the Open and why we want you to participate.  We’ll be needing judges each week as well, so if competing just isn’t your thing, we could still use your help.  Registration opens January 30th HERE . That’s Wednesday, friends!

2 Responses

  1. wendy

    Need another reason to compete on The Open 2013?
    Here is is: Snatches were last year’s second workout!
    …that might mean there will be no snatches this year?! Just sayin….
    Participate because it’s fun to get a bunch of Roots folk in the gym at the same time – doing the same workout. Really fun actually!! See you there!

  2. wendy

    I must have been “hydrating” while typing that las year because ooh yes, there were snatches in the 20103 Open!! My bad…. damned CF Headquarters!