4 rounds for time of:
30 push-ups
115-lb. front squats, 20 reps
115-lb. push presses, 20 reps
30 GHD sit ups

The fall food challenge is just around the corner and we hope you will consider signing up!

If you know you’re in, sign-up here!

Challenge Overview 
This is a four week Paleo food challenge. Paleo refers to way our ancestors ate before the advent of modern agriculture. It means you can eat many foods natural and wonderful foods but not those containing dairy, grains, legumes, and extracted or added sugar. 

In addition, we will apply CrossFit’s dietary prescription to how we consume these foods:
“Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.”

Each athlete will be assigned a coach who will review their food log each day, make recommendations, and be a resource for specific questions. 

Intake and Outake
Athletes will gauge their success by performing an intake and outtake workout, getting before and after body composition data, and keeping track of compliance throughout the four weeks. Before and after body composition data will be collected on-site using a hydrostatic body fat test (or dunk tank). You can read more about the body fat test here. Sign-up for a dunk tank before and after test here if you want to get going!

Info Meeting
There will be a challenge information session on Sunday, October 11th at 11:30am. In this session we will review the challenge, answer questions, and go through the challenge documents. 

Challenge Cost: $100
Body Composition Test: $60 (paid directly to BodyFat Test at the time of the test)*
*Athletes are not required to do the before and after body composition testing to sign-up for the challenge but will not be eligible to win the challenge if this portion of intake and outtake is not done.