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Sleep Challenge Check-in


Sleep Challenge Check-in


AMRAP 12 minutes:
12 Box Jump 24”
6 thruster 95lb
6 Bar-facing burpees

Got sleep?

Sleep Challenge Check-in

Okay folks, we’re two weeks into The Rest and Recovery Challenge and we want to hear how it has been for you all so far.  How many hours are you averaging per night?  What has been the biggest challenge?  What changes in your day to day activities have you noticed?  What about your performances at the gym?
For me, the first couple of nights felt really strange going to bed at 9pm, but that’s what I had to do if I was going to get 8 hours and be up by 5am.  I felt like a loser.  A 28 year old male going to bed at 9?!  I hadn’t done that since I was 10!  Then I began to think about and consider what I was missing by going to bed so early and I came up with a list of things I typically do past 9pm:
– watch something mind-numbing on the internet
– watch something mind-numbing on tv
– drink alcohol (usually in combination with one of the other two)
Okay, so maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.  None of those things added anything positive to my lifestyle.  Actually, they all take a little bit of something from me and on top if it all I also pay for it the next day!
Throughout the days I notice my energy is infinitely higher, I eat better, my performances at the gym have been better, my motivation to get in the gym has been higher, and I get more done throughout the day (even though it’s actually shorter!).
Now, I have been by no means perfect.  Some nights I’ve only gotten 6 or 7 hours but I try and make up for it by getting a few extra hours on other nights or maybe even slip in a nap during the day if possible.  Remember, your sleep debt started on Day 1 of your life and you CAN decrease it,  SO GET TO SLEEP!
Post to comments how your journey is going.
– Shane

5 Responses

  1. Ben

    My 11 year old wants to stay up later than I do, which is 8:30 0r 9. I tell her what you where asking yourself, “you’re not missing anything and you’ll feel better tomorrow. ” Just start drinking earlier. 

  2. Paul

    I agree.   Not much worthwhile happens around here after 9.   The beers tend to flow and bad cinema follows.   Then, the curse of the next AM.   Who was it who said “Morning Guy hates Night Guy”?   That quote always hits my mind after a late night.      

  3. Sarah Silver

    I couldnt get to the sleep clinic so have been dealing with insomnia (and the related exhaustion, tension, and frustration) on my own terms.  Thank you Stefanie for telling me about no food and no computers 1.5 hours before bed and Shane, thanks for the reminder re: no alcohol.  My only addition (since I already do all of these things and am still suffering) is that I am now trying a little .3 mg dose of plant based melatonin every night and I am thrilled to say that it totally works.   Don’t take the big-ass 5 mg pills. You will be completely out of it for the next 24 hours.  Just the little tiny dose seems to do the trick.  (And I believe it is all natural).