This is your brain on exercise. 

Join the Colorado Concussion Clinic team for an indepth talk at Roots to learn about the effects of exercise on brain health, development and longevity throughout the lifespan.

Tuesday, November 19th at 7pm

Most of us know that exercise produces endorphins, but what other impact does exercise have on our brain? Does it help to prevent aging? Help us to sleep better? Help us hone our decision-making skills? Does it provide a protective effect against injury? Let’s talk about it!

We’ll also talk about concussions. As active athletes, concussions, just like orthopedic injuries are bound to happen. So we’ll work to demystify this black box injury that is very misunderstood.

What is the best way to recover from this type of brain injury? Spoiler alert, it isn’t rest. Exercise plays a key role here as well. And since concussions do not impact competitive athletes only, the information we will share is applicable to everybody!

Please share this post with friends who might be interested. This talk is open to the public.

We’ll see you Tuesday, November 19th!