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Front Squat
handstand push-ups
ring dips

Come celebrate WOD 12.5 and spring at Roots on Thursday. Bring the fam, bring your significant other. If you're a member of Roots, you should be there!


This Thursday marks the close of the CrossFit Open season at Roots and we plan to celebrate!

Remember what the first week of spring felt like in high school or college?  Shorts, sunglasses, and good spirits ran all over campus.  Day drinking, Cornhole, and lounging in the sun made the hours simply fall away.  We at CrossFit Roots have spring fever.

That’s why THIS THURSDAY we are holding SPRING FLING!

Thursday marks the close of the CrossFit Open with the final 12.5 workout.  We’re going to blow the top off and combine it with a Spring Fling celebration, happy hour, get together, wear your sundress, come hang out and kick your feet over the edge of the garage door kind of shindig.

Come celebrate the past 5-week Open season and welcome in daylight savings.  Didn’t do the Open?  Who cares!  Come be festive and merry and mingle with the Roots crew.

Wings and Wine!

Food: Bring food to munch on if you’d like or sign-up at the shop by TUESDAY for one of two Nick n’ Willy’s meal options.  
Option 1: 6-8 piece wings – $5.50
Option 2: 6-8 piece wings and salad – $8.50 
To order, please sign-up for your meal at the shop.  Cash or check payment due at time of sign-up. 

Wine: Bring a drink to share!

Cheering section: bring one!  (ie we’d love for you to bring your family, spouse, significant other, but maybe not your goldfish)

 Stefanie took a moment to reflect on the highlights for her of the Open competition season: 

  • Being a part of one of the largest teams in the region.  75 Roots athletes signed up to compete in the Open making us the 3rd largest team in the SW Region!
  • Watching athletes hit a pr on their push press (only to hit it again 23 more times)
  • Seeing competitors achieve numbers they never thought possible, time and time again. (I have a feeling there will be fewer 6lb wallballs used in future workouts)
  • Witnessing new athletes who have never competed in the open partnering up with veterans to strategize on the workouts and commiserate about sore quads and smoked shoulders
  • NOT seeing any member of the open training group in a Speedo or thong (I realize that this is a dangerous comment to make knowing there is still a week left)

Is there anything or anyone that stood out to you this Open season?  Post to comments.


3 Responses

  1. Ali

    WOD 1.0 will be working on the Snatch on Tuesday.  We will be doing the WOD as posted.  Hope to see you there! 

  2. Molly Molter

    I agree with alot of Stef’s comments. What stood out for me was seeing people try movements/weights they were always timid about trying before (i.e. 14 # wb or 100 # snatch). I also enjoyed the Thursday Night Throw Down atmosphere.  I think it’s also exciting to see how well Zender, Alice, & Ben are doing in the Master’s groups.  Way to go!!