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Spring Oly Meet Recap


Spring Oly Meet Recap

Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
185 pound Deadlift, 21 reps

Spring Oly Meet Recap

The Roots Spring Oly Meet was a great success!  Twenty two lifters from several gyms came out to compete for a prize package sponsored by Justin’s Nut Butter, Boulder Max Muscle, and CrossFit Roots.
Roots weightlifters made a strong showing sweeping the podium in the womens division and taking 3rd in the mens division.
On the women’s side, Molly molter took 1st in the womens with a strong 107 snatch/135 clean and jerk performance. Molly almost stuck a PR 142 clean and jerk. Great lifting!  Tracy Emmanuel took 2nd with 100/120. She is lifting very well.  Katie Walkden took 3rd with 78/95. She is lifting well and hoping to qualify for the Masters Pan-Am Games.
In the men’s competition, Davis Hart took 3rd in the mens with a 142.5/205. A solid performance for the day! Expect big lifts in the future from Davis.
In total, 15 Roots members competed this weekend:
Chris Mears – Finally hit his nemesis 135 in the snatch.
Denham Nicholson – The youngest competitor. Nice 70/100 lifts!
Hank Nicholson – Lifted 150/195. Hank is very close to a 205 PR in the clean and jerk.
Max Katz – Great 135/175 lifts. He is just starting to realize his potential!
Ryan Mowbray – Bested 135/195 for a great total.
Jake Durling – Got his elbows locked for a nice 150/220. Baby Holden was there to cheer on his Dad.
Drew Larson – Put up a solid 150/195. Great performance.
Hammer (Nathan Bolser) – 155/195. Hammer is very strong with a lot of potential.
Scott Graham – 165/200. Scott harnessed the power of 42 and cleaned 210 with ease.
Brian Pryor – Overcame adversity by making his last snatch and clean and jerk to hit 160/205 in his first meet. Awesome performance!
Walker Savidge – Snatched strong with 195 and almost locked out 245!
Steller volunteers helped make this meet the best one yet. Special thanks to judges Shane Upchurch and Ali Minton, bar loaders Peter Sjostrand, “Jazzy” Jasmine Yap, Marshall Hayes, Erica Lanier, meet directors Amy Fallon and Lindsay Landis, and paparazzi Stefanie Christensen. Thank you so much! We couldn’t do it without you!
The next meet is the Roots Summer Meet on July 13th. Sign up is open right now at 50% off through April 14th, at which point the meet registration moves to $20.  Twice the number of  lifters are expected so it should be a blast!
Thanks again to everyone involved, and see you on the platforms!

6 Responses

  1. Katie

    Thank you Ryan for your coaching, leadership and encouragement! It was a great Oly cycle. I also loved getting to know all the great people who were part of Oly club.

  2. Really cool to check out an Oly Meet. Very different from anything else at CrossFit so far. Very quiet and then everyone applauds. Fun. Here’s a Vine I made:
    RE: Today’s workout. Felt like my right hip was getting jammed by the angled alley. With a lot of running like that I would like to alternate which door I go out when I start a 400. Just a thought.

  3. MollyMo1982

    Thanks to all the volunteers for making the meet run smoothly, to Ryan for being an awesome coach, and to everyone that came to watch!