21-15-9 reps for time of:
135-lb. cleans
Ring dips

This past Saturday we held the 2016 Roots Summer Oly Meet and it was a huge success! In the words of Arlene Brugal, “We were crushing some serious weights!”
A total of 45 lifters graced the Roots platform and displayed great strength and weightlifting technique. Twelve Roots lifters were on hand to represent our home gym and had an outstanding day! Here are some highlights (in kilograms):
  • Brenda Bonilla 39 kg. snatch/48 kg. clean and jerk. Brenda successfully completed all six of the competition lifts without any misses, we call this ‘6 for 6.’ This was an excellent first meet for Brenda.
  • Arlene Brugal 65/78. Arlene finished 8th overall. Arlene barley missed a 150lb. snatch which she will surely make in the very near future!
  • Alicia Benjamin 50/67. This was a huge day for Alicia as she almost broke her clean and jerk PR! Great second meet for Alicia.
  • Amy Fallon 49/66. Looking very solid in her performance and dialed-in to run the attempt cards at the next meet!
  • Pam Walter 40/54. Finishing 5th overall! Pam made this meet a family affair as her son, Adam, lifted in the men’s reordered flight.
  • Trish Krystman 56/67. Trish overcame a wrist injury to post a solid total of 270 lbs. Way-to-go Trish!
  • Alex O’Doyle 57/69. Alex is working hard and it is paying off as she secured a total of 277 lbs.
  • Margaret Graham 42/52. Margaret rallied after a cold and had a solid performance.
  • Harrison Gray 75/87. Harrison’s first meet and an excellent 6 for 6 performance.
  • John Koclanes 70/102. John’s first meet with a snatch PR of 154 lbs!
  • Sam Gaard 84/102. Placed 8th overall with a total of 409 lbs!
  • Luke Ursell 80/100. Luke crushed a 220 lb clean and jerk. Luke was the 2nd runner up on furthest traveled (Paula Ramirez came from Mexico!). It is great to have Luke back at Roots, even if it is only for a weekend! Thanks for coming Luke!

Special thanks to our sponsors Suerte Tequila, SFH, Allegro Coffee, Life of Riley and The Cup Coffee. Thank you to everyone for your generous support!

Finally, tremendous thank you to our volunteers who make this meet possible, we literally could not do this without you. You are the best crew in the business and you help our meets run professionally and without issue.

Our last and final meet of 2016 is on November 19 and is USAW sanctioned! See you on the platforms!