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Tabata Sleds


Tabata Sleds

Meet us at the southwest corner of North Boulder Park at 9:30am today for a deceiving workout!   And don’t forget to take the Annual Shop Survey HERE.

2 rounds with 4min rest between:
Tabata sled drags (60/35)

Derek loves Overhead Walking Lunges... Don't you?

Derek loves Overhead Walking Lunges… Don’t you?

Tabata Sleds

Don’t forget that the new shop schedule kicks off TOMORROW (Monday).  Check it out here!

If you haven’t taken the Annual Shop Survey, please take a few minutes and give us your feedback. We greatly appreciate your input. Thank You!.

3 Responses

    1. Walker

      No, we waited until 9:35 then moved it under the covered picnic table area. Sorry you missed us!

      1. Emily

        Thanks, that makes sense. I was running a little late, and looked around for a group of folks, but probably there wasn’t a lot people ’cause of the snow. No worries… I’m due for an extra off day.