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Open Shop Sundays


Open Shop Sundays

Today’s workout involves some of the following:
running, pulling, pushing, hanging.  please wear the right shoes!

Molly and JRo throw down on some sled pulls at CF Football last Friday.

Open Shop

Beginning last week, Roots kicked off Sunday Open Shop.

Open Shop is just what it sounds like, free time at the shop to work on your weaknesses, get in a workout, or log some all important maintenance!

CrossFit Roots will offer Open Shop on Sundays sometime between 10 and 2 for a period of 2 hours.  We will post the exact Open Shop times each week in MBO.
Athletes are required to sign-up for Open Shop and can come anytime during the 2 hour window.

Please note, Open Shop is available on both the limited and unlimited membership options.  It does count as a class/week on the limited membership.