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Swim WOD!


Swim WOD!

Swim WOD.

We’ll see you at Clair Small Pool at the CU Rec Center. Entrance to the right of the main pool shown here.

Swim WOD!

Join us today at the pool.

We’ll see you at the pool! All classes are at Clare Small Pool on the CU Campus. HELL YEA! See you at 8 or 9am.

What to bring: swimsuit, googles, towel.

Directions to the CU Rec Center can be found here.

Parking Info (thanks Odie): Lots 169 & 396 are free on weekends and provide the best access to the rec center. Lot 169 is the lower lot below Dal Ward Athletic Center, on Stadium Dr., and is the most convenient for people to use. If lot 169 is full (which I highly doubt will happen on early Sat morning), they can use Lot 396. It is a gravel lot in between the student housing and the creek, and a staircase offers access to the rec center.

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