Hey Roots Crew,

We learned a few weeks ago that Gretchen Rech – longtime Roots member, athletic badass, Mom, 5:30 am class devotee, and all around awesome human – will undergo surgery next week to remove a large cancerous tumor in her leg.

The surgery is major and Gretchen will have a long road to recovery. She will be in the hospital for 5 days and off her feet for 6-8 weeks. 

Many of you have already asked what can be done to support her and her family during the next few months

Here are two ways you can contribute:

Write Her a Note!
Gretchen would love to hear from you. Starting Monday, August 13th, we will have a box on the front desk to collect cards for Gretchen. We will make sure the cards are taken to her house every few days.

Help with Meals
We all know that good food paired with easing the family stress of daily meals can be a huge contribution to anyone’s recovery. The 5:30 am class has organized to get Gretchen and her family a HungryBuff gift card so that they can use it as they need throughout her recovery.

Laura Munro will collect donations through August, 17th. You can Venmo her @Laura-Munro-1. Please put a note in the comments that it is for Gretchen.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to help support Gretchen during this time. We know the Roots community will play a big role in her return back to 5:30am classes!

Gretchen, we’re thinking of you!