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Test Your Fitness with a 5K


Test Your Fitness with a 5K

Three rounds for time of:
10 Squat clean 135/95
20 Box jump 24/20″

Skirt Scurry 5k Flyer

Test Your Fitness with a 5K

We lift, we jump, we squat, row, swing, run, lunge, throw, clean, jerk, snatch and so much more.  Now it’s time to put that fitness to the test!

On Saturday, November 10th CrossFit Roots is running a 5K.  And not just any old 5K from the shop.  We’re throwing down on a real, organized, officially measured 5K!

Come out Saturday, November 10th to the Skirt Scurry 5K in Boulder to log a 5K time for 2012.  We’ll select another 5K in May 2013 to track your progress.

We make the claim that CrossFit prepares you to perform well at any task thrown your way.  Have you been training for a 5K?  Probably not.  Can you run one?  You betcha!

Here are the top 6 reasons you should come:
– Running a 5K in an organized event environment is WAY better than the shop programming a 5K on a Monday and doing an out and back course on the bike path.  Just sayin’.
– Tons of the Roots crew will be there.  If you’re nervous, you’re among friends.
– We’re going to test the 5K again in May 2013.  You can see if you get fitter in the next 6 months!
– If you tap out half way through, there will be plenty of Roots members there who are strong enough to carry you back to the finish line (but we know that won’t happen)
– It’s the cheapest one we could find!  Only $25 bucks!
– It’s a Bolder Boulder qualifier!

Register here.

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  1. Charlie

    Nice article, including a picture with Blaine, on the front page of today’s Daily Camera. That was a great thing you guys did!