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The CrossFit Total – Thursday.


The CrossFit Total – Thursday.

For max reps:
KB swing (24/16)
KB Swing
1:00 per round.

Sign-up now for a group class or the Cool Cruel Summer Series this Thursday to do the CrossFit Total.

The CrossFit Total.

It’s coming and We Want YOU.

The CrossFit Total is this Thursday.  It will be the workout for both the group classes and the Cool Cruel Summer Series.

If you come to do the CrossFit Total in a group class you will do TWO of the THREE lifts only.  You will do the press and then the deadlift OR backsquat.

If you come to do the CrossFit Total at the Cool Cruel Summer Series you will move through and do all three lifts.

This is the ONLY opportunity to do The CrossFit Total this year.  Come get it done!

What is the CrossFit Total you ask?  It’s the sum of your 1 rep max press, backsquat, and deadlift.  Read all about it here. 

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