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The CrossFit Total Worksheet


The CrossFit Total Worksheet


For time:
100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Parent/Kid workout today at 10:30.  Kids age 6-12.

Brian and Jasmine summit their first 14'er, Mt. Elbert. As they pointed out, 52 more to go! You guys look super happy, I love this pic!

The CrossFit Total Worksheet

The CrossFit Total is extremely important to us.  It helps your coaches to track your progress, evaluate the Roots programming, and scale your workouts appropriately.

A planned effort can yield incredible results.  A haphazard approach will yield a less than optimal outcome.

Take the time to print and complete this worksheet prior to your class on Wednesday or Saturday.  This worksheet will help you to plan out your warm-up, approach, and 3 max effort attempts.

Whether you are an experienced lifter or a CrossFit Total first-timer, you can benefit from completing this worksheet!

As a note, this is a guide!  Do not get married to your 3 attempts.  If your first rep feels super heavy, adjust accordingly.  A 5 pound overall difference in your 1 rep max 300lb. deadlift is nothing to fret about.

Click to download PDF worksheets:

The CrossFit Total Worksheet

The CrossFit Total Worksheet EXAMPLE

ALSO, it is mandatory for everyone to read the RULES of The CrossFit Total prior to coming in to do their lifts.