Another Open is in the books and this year, like years past, was full or surprises, PR’s and fun!  This year the dumbbells were introduced, we saw bar muscle-ups yet again, and we had a repeat of 16.4 as a check-up on our fitness progress since last year. Each week was sponsored by some of our favorite local and/or CrossFit related businesses and we’d like to thank them all, so here they are in no particular order:
Lucy Boulder
Perfect Bar
Duke’s Meat Sticks
Perky Jerky
Portland Bee Balm
Jackson’s Honest
Boulder Wine Merchant
Suffer Better
Fresh Thymes
Real Food Dietitians
Primal Kitchen
Beauty Counter
Pedal to Properties
Quite the lineup, we know, and we would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  You all are part of the reason the Friday Night Lights were so awesome. While we’re on the topic of general awesomeness, we would also like to THANK all of our judges, without you all the FNLS would be simply impossible and not nearly as fun and motivating!
Sylvia Clark
Aimee Rogers
Michele Delman
Ian Gerber
Amy Jo DiMeglio
Chris Dizon
Nick Woolger
Megan Casey
Marcus Martin
Samantha Kelly
Lindsay Landis
Pam Walter
Adam Walter
Mike Turner
Jen Kievit
Paul Robinson
Dre Olson
Steve Fezler
Diane Friedman
Arlene Brugal
Annette Elton
Megan Brown
Trisha Krystman
Megan Dawson
Maura Dudley
Ben O
Trevor Dean
Greg Castro
Greta Osgood
Kim Urness
Courtney Prentice
Cara Norton
THANK YOU to our wonderful photographers Bill Kobrin, Shayna Larsen and Greg Castro. Thanks to you all we have 1000’s of pictures to sum it all up and remind us next year of how much fun we had. Checkout the Roots Flickr page and see for yourself.
Lastly, we want to say THANK YOU to Mike Holm and the Trash Pandas for closing our final evening with some great cover songs that took us all back to the 90’s. Now that it’s over, what did you learn about yourself and your fitness? Did you hit any new PR’s? Try anything new? Make any new friends? Tell us all about it in comments!