Now that the 2017 CrossFit Open, we are pleased to announce a fun focus for the month of April – Mobility and Stability! For the month of April, we will remove the yearly Skill Work incorporated into each week (handstand push-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, toes-to-bar, rope climbs, and muscle-ups) and take some time to consistently address one joint region.
Why mobility and stability? First, let’s define each so we’re on the same page. Mobility is the degree of movement possible of a particular joint. Stability is our ability to control the joint through it’s range of motion. For instance, an athlete can have great hip mobility allowing them to drop into a deep squat no problem but if they lack the stability through that same range we will see an inability to keep their knees driven out or keep their low-back from rounding under. This imbalance will be exaggerated as we add load and fatigue. In short, we need to address both to optimize our movements.
The month will work as follows. Athletes will choose one joint to focus on for the entire month! The goal is to take a consistent and focused approach to improving the health and stability of one body region. If you’re not sure which to choose, simply ask a Coach.
Your choices are:

  • Hips
  • Ankles
  • Shoulders
  • Thoracic spine

For each choice, the coaches have designed an 8-minute routine that incorporates a specific mobility and stability exercise. Athletes will do that 8-minute routine everyday, within the group class structure, for the entire month.  Below, we have listed each area of focus and the mobility and stability exercise associated with it. Coaches will do a thorough walk through of each choice as we kick off the month but you can get one-step ahead by taking a moment to look through them now and think about what change you would like to make.
See you in class!
Mobility: Weighted butterfly stretch
– 2:00 minutes total
– Add stretch/difficulty by adding weight up to 45 pounds
Stability: Banded hip walks
– 4 trips total with 10 air squats between each trip
– Trips: forward, backward, lateral both ways
Mobility: Banded/weighted dorsiflexion/plantar flexion
– 1:30 each ankle with band
Stability: Single-Leg Jump Rope Single Unders
– 2x: 50-100 jumps each leg. Prioritize ankle position.
Mobility: Passive Hang
– 3x45sec. – drop off as necessary
– Relax shoulders completely
Stability: Turkish get-ups
– 3×3 reps each arm using small change plates
T-Spine (2 rounds)
Mobility: T-spine Extensions
– 5-10 reps at 3-5 spots starting at bottom of rib cage and working upwards.
– Flex/extend over foam roller with hands behind head and elbows squeezed in.
Stability: Weighted Standing Back Extensions
– x10 with 3s hold at top of each rep
– Focusing on extending chest upwards and not hyper-extending low-back