By now, surely, you’ve heard something about the Open! Are you signed-up? 119 fellow Roots are! We are 1 week out exactly and the Friday Night Lights Series is looking like an amazing time to be had, but you won’t know if you aren’t there, so we hope you make it out!
In our last-ditch effort to convince you to sign-up, we’re going to tell you about everything you’ll be missing by not signing-up:
Sponsors and Prizes
Each and every week of the Open at Roots is sponsored by a favorite business of ours and as part of that sponsorship they have donated some really sweet prizes. During the night, amidst the chaos of barbells and grunting, we’ll be raffling off these prizes to all who are participating in the Friday Night Lights Series. Prizes from our sponsors include men’s and women’s clothing, tequila, delicious food items, supplements, and much more. See the Monday blog post each week to find out who that weeks sponsor is!
Every night there will be food accommodations for purchase for all who attend. Again, we’ve reached out to some of our favorite local places and we’ll be hosting their pre-order menus each week. See the blog post each Monday with details on how to order.
Nothing brings people closer than clanging barbells next to one-another in an attempt to complete a grueling and rigorous task. Athletes that went earlier will be standing around to cheer you on, and those yet to go will be doing the same and taking notes on what to do when it’s their turn.
Sure, you can come at any time on Friday and do the same workout BUT the atmosphere, and therefor the experience, will be completely different at night. The best tunes will be blaring over the speakers, the gym will be filled with athletes, either waiting their turn or soaking in the post-wod bliss, friends and family (that’s right, please invite your friends and family to come watch) will be there cheering for you, your judge will be counting your reps, Coaches will be there as usual giving you tips and feedback on your movement, and when it’s over you can hang around on the sidelines and do some cheering of your own while enjoying a cold beverage and maybe even some well-deserved food.
A community beverage cooler will be setup near the front desk and we encourage anyone who plans to attend and have a drink, to bring enough to share with others.
This is what it’s really all about. For those of us who see CrossFit as a way to maintain a decent level of health and fitness but have no real hopes of becoming a professional exerciser, this will be the most non-pressured “competition” you’ll ever have a chance of doing. Workouts will come up that take you FAR outside of your comfort zone, and you’ll have your doubts, but with the crowd and Coaches behind you you’ll get through it fine, and in the end you’ll end up fitter, both physically and mentally for what you endured. When it’s all over you’ll have a newfound perspective of what you’re truly capable of.


Ready to sign-up already?! DO IT NOW!