If we win the Best Of Boulder…
The entire coaching staff will do a workout created by one of YOU immediately after the final Friday Night Lights on March 24th.
That’s right, all of your dreams are coming true.
If Roots wins, members get to program the perfect workout for the coaches. Remember that time when you were doing 100 burpees for time and Shane no-repped you? Or, when there were bear-crawls in a WOD and you felt ridiculous? This is your chance to prescribe your ideal WOD for the coaches.
For this to happen, we have to win the Best Of competition. There are only three days left to vote! So, visit the Colorado Daily voting site and log your vote for Roots as the Best CrossFit Gym and Best Place to Workout in the Colorado Daily’s Best Of competition.
It’s a win-win! VOTE HERE. 
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to vote. Watch! So easy.