3×3 shoulder press at 75%, then:

4 rounds of:
8 burpees
16 box jumps
32 KB swings

Coming in to the shop is a great first step to improving your overall health.  You come in, we give you the work, and you push yourself beyond what you thought possible.  You earn fantastic fitness results; however, it’s not a complete system to optimize your health and performance because most of what we do in the shop is fitness-specific.  We train speed, power, strength, coordination, agility, flexibility, accuracy, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, balance, and stamina.  But the base of the CrossFit Pyramid is not fitness specific, it’s health specific, and it’s labeled ‘nutrition.’ Some of you want that pre-baby body back, others want to rule the benchmark WODs, and some of you want to a solid foundation of general fitness to launch you to the next level in your chosen sport.  It all starts with what you put in your mouth.

The Paleo Team Challenge will help you jump start this component of your health and performance.  Start thinking about participating in this 6-week challenge.

Theoretical Hierarchy of the Development of an Athlete (you)

Theoretical Hierarchy of the Development of an Athlete (you)

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