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Training Through Life’s Tweaks


Training Through Life’s Tweaks

Push press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Chad works through injury with weighted pull-ups, thanks to his boot, during Friday's workout.

Injuries Happen

Tweaks and injuries happen.  You wipe out on the slopes and tweak a hip, finally get that foot surgery you’ve been putting off for years, or come across some nasty plantar fasciitis that leaves you hobbling.

Yes, the best solution to many injuries is rest, but not for your whole body!  Too many times athletes have come in to the shop and told us, “I’ve been out for a week and a half because I tweaked my knee skiing last week so I didn’t come until it felt better.”  Our (the coaches) reaction to that is, “Your shoulders still worked though, right?”

Our point is that just because you are not able to use a certain body part for a bit, does not mean that you need to take a break from coming to class.  No no no!  The coaches will work with you to modify or change up the workout to let your body heal while still enabling you the joy of your workout:)  And, think how much further along you will be having stuck with your training regiment while you healed.

We love the fact that you communicate to us your injuries, but keep coming to class even when things aren’t 100%.

Chad, Bones, Olivia, and Molly are great examples of training through injury and they’re better, more well-rounded, athletes because of it.