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TYSH Thursday.


TYSH Thursday.

3 rounds for time:
400m run
10 burpees
20 pushpus
30 PVC pipe overhead squats

If it’s snowing, yes, we’re still running outside.  Plan and dress accordingly.  Welcome to a constantly varied winter.

Recognize anything on this table? Come grab it before Friday afternoon!

TYSH Thursday.

Today is TYSH Thursday!  Are you excited!?  We are.  What is TYSH Thursday, you ask?

It’s take-your-shit-home Thursday!

All Lost & Found items will be taken to GoodWill on Friday afternoon.  Be sure to grab any items that you have left at the shop in the past few months.


10 Responses

  1. JakeDurling

    Apparently yesterday’s Support Your Team comments got read but have already been forgotten: this morning, as we ran outside in the slush and snow, Stephanie specifically requested that she be exempt from the chalked up hand butt slap (or CUHBS). Where’s the team spirit these days?
    (Oh and yes, I complied with her request.)

      1. Alison Minton

        Stef C. got me good yesterday. Had we have snapped a photo it probably could have gone in the dictionary next to “CUHBS” (or so I’m told, it was so perfectly placed I couldn’t even see it!/was afraid to look).

    1. I would like to propose a rebranding to CHUBS (chalked hand-upon-butt slap). We can vote at the 530am class tomorrow. Imagine all the merchandise opportunities. If there isn’t a “Have you had your CHUBS today?” t-shirt in the Roots store by Christmas, I will be sad.

      1. JakeDurling

        I like it. I was thinking that CHaBS worked too (Chalked-up Hand-on Butt Slap) but Chalked Hand Upon Butt Slap is much better.

    2. Stephanie

      Thanks, Jake, for not including the fact that you were smoking me in today’s workout — also team spirit!

  2. Mango

    Jake, I would like to be the recipient of as many CUHBS’s as possible. Before, during and after every WOD. Thanks in advance.