Hello Roots Crew!
We are adding an official StrongMan Open Sesh to the schedule on Sundays from 10:30-11:30A due to the popularity of this time.
Please read on for a walkthrough on the policies associated with StrongMan Open Sesh and the new Sunday time slot.  These policies take effect this Sunday, January 21.

The StrongMan Open Sesh on Sunday will be limited to 9 people and sign-up is required in MBO

  • Thursday and Friday capacity will remain at 12
  • Since Sunday is a popular open gym time, StrongMan does not get priority for the whole gym. All work must be limited to the turf and outside only (i.e., not also up the middle of the gym).  

Those attending the StrongMan Open Sesh must first complete the StrongMan Foundations with EC.

  • Those who have completed the Foundations will be able to sign-up in MBO for StrongMan Open Sesh. 
  • We hope to hold another foundations course in late February but the dates and times are TBD.
  • You can also choose to pay for two private sessions with EC instead. Her rate ($150/hr) is the same for 1-4 people, so you can find a few people to join you to bring the individual cost down. Times for these privates are restricted to 10:30A, 1:30P, and 2:30P due to the nature of the equipment and movements. Email EC to schedule.

For those who have not registered for the StrongMan Open Sesh in MBO:

  • The StrongMan equipment is free to use during Open Shop times so long as you are working individually.
  • We appreciate Open Shop is a time when people can and should do various assistance work or generally just “play” with new movements and skills.
  • This cannot, however, be used as a loophole to work “individually” while mirroring the StrongMan Open Sesh group and programming.

The StrongMan Foundations provide the necessary base for the Open Sesh group to work through the programming in an organized fashion, achieve the appropriate stimulus, and perform the movements as they are intended.
It is true that StrongMan movements can be performed in a variety of formats in the name of variance. However, the StrongMan programming used at CrossFit Roots is specifically targeted as an adjunct to the existing CrossFit programming and should be executed as such.
Thank you all for your interest and participation in the StrongMan program to date! Please remember to sign-up in MBO for the StrongMan Open Sesh times on Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.