It’s that time of year! Back by popular demand is the annual Why I’m Doing The Open blog post series.
Over the next five weeks and leading up to The Open, we’ll highlight a variety of Roots members who have decided that they are IN for The 2018 CrossFit Open.
In our first installment, we bring you Master Sommelier, local business owner, and CU alum Brett Zimmerman! Brett was a member of Roots for only 6 months before signing up for The Open in 2017. Read on for details on why he’s back in 2018!


Name: Brett Zimmerman
Age: 44
Occupation: Retail Wine Store Owner (Boulder Wine Merchant)
Years CrossFitting: 1 year, 6 months

Did you do the Open last year? If so, did you have any kind of PR’s or try anything new?

I participated in the Open last year and had a great experience. It was the first time that I pushed myself this hard in Crossfit. I entered the world of RX workouts, which upped the intensity of my workouts by quite a bit. I felt super happy with my first Open, but feel like I will be much more prepared with a greater foundation of fitness and flexibility this year. Not to mention, it will be good to know what I am getting myself into so I can have a bit of a strategy for each workout. It was so fun waiting for each workout to be released, and once it was released there is so much eager anticipation for the workout the next day. Fun.

Are you doing it this year? Why?

Definitely! I don’t participate in CrossFit for the competition, but this is a really fun way to measure yourself against others at Roots and around the world. I am beyond humbled by the results I see with others in my age group. It is amazing how strong people are in this program. My goal is to personally do the best I can with each workout.

Anything you would like to add?

My goal this year is to participate in The Open with greater accuracy and efficiency. I would also like to incorporate more strategy into the workouts. I am excited for my second opportunity to participate in the Open! I can’t picture a better gym than Roots to help athletes prepare for this event. I look around the gym during the Open and see so many great people having fun and posting amazing numbers on the whiteboard. We are blessed to have such a great gym community at Roots. I feel very fortunate to be a part of the family. Cheers to a great Open event in 2018!