The 2018 #800gram Challenge is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited. Partly because I think this is one of the best challenges we’ve ever rolled out (I tested it in November and more on that in another post) – and because we’re so damn excited to partner with Boulder Kitchen Collective (aka Abby Knowles’ amazing delicious and plate-ready Challenge-approved food) to aid in everyone’s success.
The coaches had the pleasure of ordering Abby’s food in the fall and let’s just say that the Monday delivery packed out our staff fridge. Abby’s deliveries became a staple in Eric and my life as we were able to alleviate the Sunday-no-fun-day of 8 hours of straight meal prep amidst dog walking, exercising, house cleaning, laundry, and (some) parenting. When Abby informed us that she was taking the month of December off to prepare to launch Boulder Kitchen Collective, I cried, seriously.

What is Boulder Kitchen Collective?

Boulder Kitchen Collective delivers fully prepared food that is Challenge-approved. Whether you want to cut down on your meal prep endeavors, aide your challenge efforts, or diversify what you eat (extra point for diversity!) – Boulder Kitchen Collective will ease your daily routine and deliver food you WANT to eat.

How Does the Food Come to Me?

The food is packaged in 800gram portioned containers (we wanted to stick to the theme!). It has been designed to allow you to mix and match the items so that you may create new, different, and exciting combinations for each and every meal! No boring selection of 3 pre-packed meals. Get 3-5 different containers and mix and match to your heart’s, and 800gram content!
As an example, throw in a fried egg to your Carnitas, Plantains and Charred Kale for an easy and complete breakfast! Throw all the salads and veggies together (Charred Kale, Red Cabbage + Brussel Slaw and the Black Bean + Corn Salad) to get your gram count up for the day (plus your additional bonus point for diversity)!  Top it all with the Chimichurri and you will be in love (just saying)!

How Will it Work? and Where Do I Pick-up?

The new menu for each week will be sent out Wednesday evening. Order your food by Thursday evening at 6pm (the week prior to delivery). Food will be prepared on Sunday and available for pick up from the Fresh Thymes Marketplace (2690 28th Street. Boulder, CO 80301) between 5-7pm. Payable by check. 

What’s the First Week’s Menu?

Remember! – all containers are 800grams of food, or 28.5 ounces.
Pork Carnitas – $48
Ingredients: onion, garlic, salt, cumin, oregano, red pepper, black pepper, chili powder, chicken broth, apple juice (100%), bay leaf
Grilled Chicken Breast – $52
lemon juice, rosemary, avocado oil, salt and pepper
Roasted Plantains – $28
ghee, salt
Red Cabbage + Brussel Slaw – $26
cabbage, shaved brussels, red onion, apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper 
Black Bean + Corn Salad – $30
black beans, corn, green chiles, cherry tomatoes, champagne vinegar, salt and pepper
Charred Kale – $28
kale, avocado oil, Himalayan salt
Chimichurri – $10/8 oz
cilantro, avocado oil, garlic red pepper flakes

How Do I Order?

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How Do I Sign-up for The Challenge?

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