4 rounds:
1min handstand hold
2min AMRAP:
20 abmat situps
30 burpees
Rest 2min

June 2016

Did you come to June Cool Cruel Summer? This little guy did.

“Handstands, hand walking, and pressing to the handstand are critical exercises to developing your athletic potential and essential components to becoming “CrossFit.””
That statement was written by Greg Glassman back in 2004! Many of us don’t really like working on handstands, but it’s a very valuable and underutilized tool in the fitness community. Some are probably asking, “when will I ever use this?” and they’re not alone in their skepticism. So, before you write-off Sunday as an off-day read the rest of this article and see how becoming better at handstands improves shoulder and midline strength, gives better spatial awareness and control (which carries over to anything that involves you moving your body through space), has a neurological adaptation unmatched by any other bodyweight movements, and in short will improve every other movement you perform!
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