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Video Highlights From the Games


Video Highlights From the Games


Four rounds for time of:
100 ft Walking lunge, carrying 30 pound dumbbells
24 inch Box Jump, 30 reps
30 pound Weighted pull-ups, 20 reps
Scale as necessary, duh.

Check out the video highlight from the games.  We know, it looks like Nicole shorts her last rep on the first set of deadlifts.  That’s because it was her 9th dead lift but the WOD required athletes to complete eight only.  Mental focus in a WOD is just as important as high intensity.  Think about it.  Every second counts.


2 Responses

  1. Molly Molter

    Nice work on the video- especially with your choice of music. Can’t go wrong with the Beatles!

    I did the WOD today in 16:25. I used 15 lb dumbbells instead of 30 and used the pull up machine at the rec center.