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Welcome CrossFit Endurance


Welcome CrossFit Endurance

ATTENTION SATURDAY CLASS GOERS: Today’s classes will be held at North Boulder Park.  Please meet at the corner of 8th and Balsam on the southwest corner of the park.

For time: bottom to bottom tabata overhead squats followed by a park run
Sled pulls to follow

Ali flies through Fight Gone Bad for the first time. Roots interns Ali, Walker, and Tracie will take the CrossFit Endurance Seminar this weekend!

Welcome CrossFit Endurance

Welcome to Brian MacKenzie, the CrossFit Endurance seminar staff, and the CrossFit Endurance Seminar Participants!

See below for information on the area:

Parking: 3 hour and long term parking is available in the blocks to the west of our shop.  Parking just outside of our shop is not free, but very reasonable if you check the meter every few hours.  If you’re not sure where to park, please pop your head in the shop and Stefanie will direct you.

Food: There is a rotisserie chicken joint just across the street from us (Nick n’ Willy’s) and a Chipotle one block away.

Coffee: There is a coffee joint across the street from our shop called Spruce Confections.  There is also a great coffe shop on the east side of the walking mall called The Cup.

Convenience Store: Lolita’s Market is a local convenience store that has water, sandwiches, gum, etc.  It’s located on the front side of our building.

You can reach us here: 303.578.8455.

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