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Welcome Free Class Participants


Welcome Free Class Participants

Workout 3 from the UFC Fan Expo

In teams of two, only one athlete working at a time, partners alternate after each piece of the chipper.
3 rounds of 50 double-unders and 5 ground-to-overheads (at 135lbs for men and 95lbs for women)
3 rounds of 50 double-unders and 5 box jump up and overs (at 30” for men and 24” for women)
and a final set of 50 double unders.

Have you met Stef? Stef not only rocks the house at CrossFit but she just accepted a full-time position at Roots as the Business Operations Manager. We love you Stef!

Welcome Free Class Participants

Today is the October Free Class and Intro Session.  If you signed up for the course please plan to arrive a few minutes before 10:00AM to fill out a waiver and get situated.  The class is currently sold out.  Our next Free Class and Intro Session is scheduled for Sunday, November 20th at 10:00AM.  We will post sign-up one week prior to the class.

See you at 10:00AM!

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