Clean and Jerk
Find your heaviest set of 25, 35, and 45 rep clean and jerk. Touch n’ go only. 


Dizon looks like he’s working really hard here. We want to change that.

At this week’s coaches meeting we got off topic and started to discuss the standards we hold ourselves and our athletes to at the shop. After finishing up The Open last week we realized that doing the workouts and movements as they are written is actually really hard. Sometimes it’s not even super fun and we get frustrated!
It’s also really not any fun to do things that you’re not the best at. I mean it would have been way cooler if you could just pick the movements that you like and then do them over and over for five weeks of The Open – thus giving yourself the best possibility to feel good about yourself and your accomplishments.
After this lengthy discussion, we decided that it was time to change it up. Maybe this thing called CrossFit is just too hard. The effort we ask for is just too much to expect from a person with a job and a life.
Sure, executing full range of motion movements is CrossFit goodie two shoes and all but we doubt it actually really keeps you safe, your musculature balanced, or your body strong. Plus all this talk about standards, integrity, sacrifice, and hard work is so 1944. As if a workout could really transcend the walls of a gym and make you a better person in your everyday life. Doubtful.
But never fear! We have a solution! Beginning next week, and for the remainder of the year, we are taking away all range of motion standards, movement requirements, and anything that might make CrossFit hard, mentally or physically, at any time. 
To us, CrossFit is no longer about finding out what’s possible, growing as an athlete, or holding yourself to a standard – it’s about what’s comfortable and makes you feel good about yourself on the inside, in your heart. 
Here are some examples of how you’ll be able to apply our new standard:

  1. If you don’t like a movement in the workout, just change it to something you like. Try and replace the movement with something that you’re really good at.
  2. If you can’t do the movement as it’s written but are kind of close, just count it.
  3. If you don’t like your time, just tell us the time you wanted to get when we collect scores at the whiteboard. Be sure to log this score in SugarWOD as well.
  4. In lifting sets, if you get 3 of 5 reps in a 5 rep set but are pretty sure – with a better night sleep or something – you could have gotten the last two, count it!
  5. If you’re frustrated at any point in a workout, just stop, sit down and pat yourself on the back. Remind yourself that you’re a great person and you don’t need to do the workout, it was probably stupid anyways.

Questions? Post to comments.