We will reopen on Tuesday, June 2nd. We will open with a limited class schedule for this week and next to get our feet under us.

The purpose of the limited class schedule is to ensure our procedures and protocols are correct and repeatable and to be able to have the space to make adjustments as needed.

We will continue to make additions to the schedule as long as we feel we can do so responsibly. 

Sign-up for Class Here. Or on the MBO app. 


This is what you can expect:

  1. Please arrive and leave in a mask. Do not take your mask off until instructed to do so by your coach.
  2. Upon arrival, please walk around to the back of the shop and wait on one of the socially distanced Roots logos on the ground. We will check-in and admit athletes via the back door!
  3. You’ll enter the building one at a time where a coach will; take your temperature (touch-less), do a health screen, and check you in for class on the MBO app.
  4. You’ll then go wash your hands.
  5. Once you’ve washed your hands, you’ll head on out the front door and take one of 9 socially distanced workout spots.
  6. Once the coach has checked in everyone and started the class, you can take off your mask provided you can maintain 6 feet of social distance throughout the class. Don’t worry, we’ll help make this happen! We just ask that you balance your workout goals with a general awareness of your proximity to others.


  • We will keep the doors and garage doors open at all times to ensure ventilation – please dress appropriately. 
  • Bathrooms are available for use; however, the water cooler, couches, lounge, and cubbies will be unavailable for use.


We will be working out in the heat of summer – while it’s going to be AWESOME – we also want you to be prepared for the elements! We recommend you pack the following:

  • Sunglasses
  • A hat
  • A large pre-filled water bottle – perhaps with lots of ice!
  • Electrolyte tablets for your water
  • A towel to wipe your sweat.
  • Sunscreen


  1. Please note that is it a MUST that you sign-up for class in advance. There is no waitlist. Due to obvious reasons, we will not be able to add individuals to a full class. Please remember to cancel yourself out of a class if you are no longer able to attend. We appreciate your help with this.
  2. NO LOITERING! We know, we know. It will be SO FUN to see everyone and believe us, we’d love to shoot the shit in the parking lot with you for hours. For now, we ask that when your class is over, you exit the workout area and head home. Thank you for your understanding on this as we work to maintain social distancing in the outdoors.