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What's More Exciting Than Turf?


What's More Exciting Than Turf?

12-9-6 reps for time of:
225-lb. squat cleans

We have a question for you!
What is more exciting than turf?
Post to comments.

First person to comment with the correct answer gets a free t-shirt!*
The definition of “correct” is completely and 100% left to our discretion. We understand there could be many “correct” answers; however, we¬†know the answer we’re looking for. Happy Monday!:)


20 Responses

  1. Marcus Martin

    OK, my guess: either (i) an infinity pool where the old turf used to be; or (ii) a replacement to the green grass that’s there now. I hope it’s number 1.

  2. CAL

    Oooooh, more Oly platforms?!! [Yes, just to let you know how much I appreciate what I’m learning from YOU, Coach Ryan!]. Roots’ Members Photo wall that with featured Athlete of the [week/month/quarter] who gets to submit Crossfit Kid approved playlist(s) for Trevor ??