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What's Your Bench?


What's Your Bench?

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What’s Your Bench?

Possibly the most well-known CrossFit workout both inside and outside the CrossFit community.  Fran needs no introduction.  In the gym/lifting community, to gauge a friend, colleague, or acquatence’s fitness level one asks “what’s your bench?”

In the CrossFit community we ask, “what’s your Fran time?”

The first time I did Fran, it took me 11:32 seconds, I used 55 pounds, and did dead hang pull-ups because I didn’t know how to kip.  Five years later my time has dropped to 3:36 seconds with a 65 pound barbell and mostly butterfly pull-ups.  I love returning to this workout each year because, to me, it represents an example of how plateau is not in my future and that continuous hard-earned improvement is.

So, what’s your Fran time?

2 Responses

  1. Fran is a mental state of mind! I did my first and only Fran back at the old gym right after Foundations. I did 75 lbs with dead hang pull ups in 9:45 but today RX in 9:30! Lots of room to improve but that is what it is all about 🙂