In CrossFit, routine is the enemy. This applies to the type of training we do, but not necessarily the frequency that we train. “How many days a week should I be coming?” is a question we get by almost every single new member at Roots. The answer is – as much as you can!  You won’t reap all the benefits of CrossFit only coming three times a week. This is a bare minimum. 

Our classes are an hour long. All we are asking is that you show up for an hour a day and know that the days of spending countless hours on the treadmill and elliptical are over! Should you still come if you are sore? YES. Should you still come if you are feeling a little tired? YES. (More on this later) Remember – the workouts are always scalable, and our coaches do a phenomenal job of tailoring the workouts to fit your specific needs for any given day.

We recommend coming 4-5x times per week, or more. Our athletes that come 3x a week or less do not see NEAR the results as our consistent 5+/week members. We program our days/weeks/months so you don’t have to worry about them interfering with each other. We do not follow a traditional “split” like you may have done in the past (chest/tris, back/bis BRO). Rather, we do constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. All that means for you is: show up any/every day, we will take care of the rest.

Like anything else, fitness requires commitment and consistency. While 3 days a week is better than 0 or 1 day a week, we guarantee you will see better AND faster results coming 4-5x/week or more. Write that down.

Reserve your place in class up to 7 days in advance and put the time on your calendar!