Last week we featured a Master Sommelier that was brand-new to CrossFit this time last year, and did The Open.
This week we bring you Roots veteran (6 years!), nurse, and Mom – Annette Elton! Her daughter Elizabeth was also a Roots regular in group classes before she left last year for college.
Name: Annette Elton
Age: 47
Occupation: Nurse, Writer, Health Coach
Years CrossFitting: Six. Foundations was February 2012!

Did you do The Open last year?  If so, did you have any kind of PR’s or try anything new?

Yes, I did The open last year. Last year was really mental for me because it challenged me in a way that I was uncomfortable with. It’s one thing to try a heavier weight or a movement in an Open WOD with a “let’s see what happens” attitude and quite another to feel like you should be able to do something, like a dumbbell snatch, only to have it kick your butt. Those dumbbell movements were difficult and that double under workout,17.5, practically killed me. I did walk away from it with some pride because I finished a second or two before the cut off. It was a good lesson in a number of ways for me on focus and not letting myself get flustered or overwhelmed during a workout.

Are you doing it this year?  Why?

Yes! CrossFit is fun for me because I’m always learning something new. I’m putting a movement together or making a neurological connection and I learn about myself and often become aware of my own BS. CrossFit doesn’t let you get away with much. The Open takes that learning and growing to a new level. It pushes me. But more than that, it’s super fun. There’s really nothing that’s more fun than watching a fellow Roots athlete achieve something new and amazing for them. The PRs, the first time Muscle Ups, and the camaraderie make it such a positive and joyous experience. And…the post Open WOD brunch at The Buff is the highlight of my week!

Anything you would like to add?

If you’re on the fence about the Open, face your fears and do it. You will be happy that you did.

Want to sign-up? Learn more?

You can learn more about The Open in this post. You can sign-up HERE. And, if you’re interseted in judging, please see this post!