One of the most common questions we get at CrossFit Roots is “Can I do CrossFit?”, or “Am I Ready?” The simple answer is, yes! CrossFit is for anyone, there are no requirements or tests you must pass in order to qualify and/or deem yourself fit for duty. The workouts we use in CrossFit are universally scalable – which means literally anybody can do them. Whether you are an elite athlete or have never exercised a day in your life, this is for you.

“I saw those men and women on TV competing at the CrossFit Games, there is no WAY I could do that stuff!” Hey, join the club! Understand that the people you see on TV at the CrossFit Games are the .0001%. They are the best in the world, professional athletes at the tip of the spear. You probably wouldn’t watch the PGA tour and see Tiger Woods sink a 60’ putt and say, “Man, I could NEVER do that, I guess I can’t play golf!” 

CrossFit is a fitness methodology designed to be accessible for any and everyone no matter your athletic background, skill level, height, weight, gender, shoe size, musical preference, favorite animal, (you get it…) etc. 

At CrossFit Roots, all of our workouts are designed so they can be scaled to meet your individual needs. All of us are unique, and have our own individual needs and limitations. While we  all do the WOD (Workout of the day), the variation of the workout will vary from athlete to athlete. 

We make sure all of our athletes are up to speed on knowing the mechanics of our movements, and can consistently perform them with flawless technique before we implement the intensity aspect of CrossFit. You ARE ready for this!