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WTF Challenge Scored Cards


WTF Challenge Scored Cards

Alright folks!  The day has come.  Time to buckle down, sack up, and choose your level.

Below, please find instructions for how to claim and make your WTF Challenge Scorecard.

1. In your email Inbox, find the email from Nicole that shares with you the Google Docs WTF folder.  
The file system we will use for the challenge works only with a Google email or account. If we sent the email to an email that is not linked to Gmail, you will need to do one of two things. Option 1: Email us your Gmail account and we will re-share the folder. Option 2: Create a Google Account using the email address we just sent this folder.  Be sure to create the account with the entire email address we sent the email to.  For example, if we sent the email to [email protected], make your google username that entire email address.***

2. After you have logged in to your account, view the Google Docs section of your account by clicking Documents in the top lefthand corner (you may have to click More and find it in the drop down windown)

3. Click the WTF Challenge Folder and open WTF Scorecard Challenge Template – DO NOT EDIT

4. From the File menu choose Make a copy…  Give it a really cool name like <Your Name Here>’s Food Log and click OK.

5. At this point, you’ll have a new spreadsheet that you can edit, but it doesn’t live in the WTF Challenge Folder folder yet!

6. From the File menu choose Save and Exit.

7. Select All items over on the left hand side of the screen, find your file in the list and drag it over to WTF Challenge Folder under Folders shared with me.

8. Now when you open the Paleo Showdown folder, you should see your new log in there.

9. The default permissions for your new log when it gets added to the WTF Challenge Folder, is for everyone in the group to be able to edit it.  If you open your log and click the Share button (in the upper right hand corner of the screen) > See who has access, it will open a list where you can change others from Can edit to Can View.  Be sure to leave Nicole as Can Edit so she can score sheets.

The List – choose your level

1. Eliminate refined sugar, it’s the devil
2. Eliminate gluten and soy
3. Eliminate grains
4. Eat full fat dairy only
5. Cook only with animal fats or coconut oil. 
6. Eliminate legumes, starchy vegetables, and squash (yes, squash)
7. When eating at home eat pasture raised eggs, grass fed/grass finished, free range, wild caught (fish) meats
8. Eliminate ALL dairy
9. Limit fruit consumption to two pieces per day (or 2 cups of berries/grapes/etc.)
10. Eliminate nuts and all added salt