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Scavenger Hunt in One Week


Scavenger Hunt in One Week

Tons of Fun – accumulate as much weight as possible
5 rounds of:
Deadlift, 5 reps
Pushpress, 5 reps
Weighted pull-ups, 5 reps
1:30 to complete 5 reps for each set (4:30 per round)

Did you sign-up for the Scavenger Hunt?  It’s next Saturday at 8:30.  Yes it’s a workout and yes it will be fun and challenging.  Sign-up on MBO.

5 Responses

  1. Caps

    Where do people get their bacon without sugar?

    I scoured every package at Whole Foods tonight, including the unpackaged bacon in the butcher’s area, and every single one had sugar in it. Then I went to King Soopers and scoured every package there. I had almost given up hope when, to my complete surprise, I finally spied a Kroger brand of bacon whose ingredients did not include sugar! If you want to find it, its label reads “Hardwood Smoked, No Sugar Added, 25% Lower Sodium”

    Where else have people found bacon without sugar?

  2. Caps – good research on the bacon; however, is it from an all natural, no antibiotics, hormone free happy pig? See number 7 of the challenge. We’re looking online for bacon.