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Number 4: Consume Full Fat Dairy Only


Number 4: Consume Full Fat Dairy Only

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Number 4: Consume Full Fat Dairy Only

Full fat dairy is the only acceptable form of dairy in this challenge because first and most importantly fat is good for you. I’m not talking about the health magazines’ recommendation to nibble a few almonds or use olive oil.  I’m talking about real, homegrown, dairy fat.

The fat in milk helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, whole fat dairy products have little or no lactose, and fat is important for total fueling as you start to remove crap sources of fueling from your diet (you’re going to need to replace the calories somewhere).

What do we consider full fat dairy? Cream, heavy cream, butter, cheese, and yogurt.  For this challenge we will allow whole milk as a full fat dairy option to ease some of you back to the good side.  Anyone who says they “honestly don’t like the taste of whole fat dairy products” is fat phobic and lying to themselves.  Embrace the fat people.

Let’s first look at the origination of the watery liquid called skim milk.  Back in the 1970s the United States made its first food recommendation based on a bogus study that linked fat to heart disease.  Sadly, the major food manufacturers jumped on board. Fat was removed from everything from cookies, to crackers, to dairy products!  Fat satiates the body and brain, is hormonally neutral, and decreases and slows the impact of sugar on blood glucose levels.  Skim milk feeds your sugar addiction and consistent spikes and elevations of your blood sugar cause your body to store fat.

Milk is a mixture of protein, carbohydrate (sugar), and fat.  When the fat is removed, the impact of the sugars in milk on blood sugar levels is dramatic.  Whole fat milk products such as cream, butter, and cheese have little or no lactose.

For this challenge, for Level 4, if you consume dairy IT MUST BE FULL FAT.  This includes whole milk, cream, heavy cream, cheese, butter, and yogurt.  Be careful with yogurt, it’s usually sweetened with something and is mostly low fat (2% or less).



Full Fat Dairy for Cardiovascular Health

Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes (available in book stores)

9 Responses

  1. Responding to Erik’s question:
    “So for level 7 in the challenge, what is meant by “when eating at home”? Is that meant for us to eat eggs and meat that applies to those restriction when we can, but not necessarily when we’re out at a restaurant (though we’re still eating paleo then)?”

    Erik, you are correct. When you are eating from your house you must eat the grass fed/finished, pasture fed, free range, wild option… When you go out to dinner, make the best choice but we understand that not all restaurants offer great meat options. Of course, you still need to follow the other rules you have committed to when you eat out, no exceptions there!!

    In Boulder, there are TONS of restaurants that serve better qualities of beef than other ares. We’re lucky.

  2. Responding to Cara’s questions:
    “A few WTF questions — sorry if these are stupid questions, but I DID read the packet and I just want to be clear…

    1. Are these foods OK?
    – coconut water/milk/creamer
    – flaxseed
    – olives
    – almond butter (like Justins)
    – hearts of palm (I know one of the posts said no artichoke hearts because there are hidden grains in the water or something — is it similar for hearts of palm?)

    2. I know it is 5 weeks away, but do you know when the follow up blood testing will be scheduled?

    Cara, we are always happy to clarify. After the challenge starts, “but I didn’t know!” is not an excuse for messing up. So good job!
    – Coconut water/milk/creamer is allowed HOWEVER check the label and make sure it doesn’t have sugar
    – Flaxseeds are fine.
    – Olives are fine (we’re not touching vinegar for this challenge)
    – Almond butter – fine AS LONG AS it’s not the kind with honey/maple syrup etc.
    – hearts of palm are fine but again READ THE LABEL. Some will be in water and salt, others will be in a marinade that often has wheat

    I do not know when it will be but I will talk to Amy today and get it on the calendar. Most likely, the last week of the challenge.

  3. Caps

    Sorry for the late cancel today! My left shoulder is a little aggravated so I didn’t want to go overhead today, but I wanted to stay in the class if we weren’t going overhead. I kept checking the site to find the WOD and only just discovered it was the shoulder press. =(

  4. Caps –
    No excuse! We always substitute and modify for tweaks, injuries, bruises, limitations. Bones had surgery and couldn’t use his ankle for 3 weeks and came in every week and made a lot of progress in other areas. We subbed and scaled as necessary. Molly tweaked a wrist and modified for almost 2 months. And, your shoulder won’t heal itself. Rolling, stretching, and moving it will and we can do that at the shop – for an hour!:)

    It should be remembered that we do not substitute for lack of motivation, lameness, or for exercises you simply don’t like or suck at:)
    Happy Friday!

    Love, your coaches

  5. fraser

    What is the word on Raw Milk ? Can that squeak in under the anti milk radar ? I just found somewhere in town that has it.